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Providing a transformative educational and social experience for students with learning differences. 


The Kingsbury Center provides a transformative educational and social experience for children and adults with learning differences. The Center uses action research to ensure best practices.


Kingsbury Keystones

The Kingsbury Keystones are three guiding principles that shape our dynamic teaching and learning environment to support the growth and development of students who have a range of learning challenges.

Keystone I: Academics - Every Kingsbury student has a personalized learning plan that is designed to support and challenge the student with a focus on growth and development. Our learning specialists push in and pull out of the classrooms to ensure that Kingsbury students build their academic skills and achieve their learning outcomes.

Keystone II: Experiential Learning - Learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom. Kingsbury students learn to apply the concepts learned in the classroom through hands-on, practical experiences:

  • Enrichment Clusters - Students engage in authentic learning activities inspired by their interests and passions.
  • STEAM Approach - STEAM is an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Students collaborate with peers and adults, develop problem-solving and effective communication skills, and learn to persevere.
  • Out of School Learning - Students apply classroom learning outside of school through internships, job shadowing, and mentoring relationships while exploring interests and career options.

Keystone III: Integrated Clinical Services - A team of on-site clinicians work in partnership with teachers to support student learning and development. The clinical staff provides diagnostic and admissions testing, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language services.