Kingsbury Publishes Bi-Annual Kaleidoscope Magazine


At Kingsbury, kaleidoscope serves as a metaphor for the rich, "colorful" array of talents, strengths, skill and personalities that you will find among our students. Kaleidoscope also serves as a metaphor for the transformative academic and social experiences we provide here at Kingsbury. The Kingsbury Center is like a kaleidoscope that is always on rotation. Our students and clients are constantly changes, making progress and building on their strengths, in new and exciting ways, adding color and pattern to the world.

In this spirit, The Kingsbury Center has launched a bi-annual magazine, Kaleidoscope. As you review our new publication, it is our hope that you agree: Kaleidoscope offers a colorful view of our transformative mission!

Issue 1, Summer 2015, offers news about our students; what's happening in the classroom; our annual fundraising events; the Kingsbury Transforms blog; presentations by educational leaders; our annual educational and cultural exchange program with The Niilo Maki Institute in Finland; and our championship JV and Varsity Boys Basketball teams.  



Issue 2, Winter 2016, takes an in-depth look at how Kingsbury Center Services amplify the strengths of students of every age and learning style. Read about our occupational therapy services; physical therapy services; speech and language pathologists; and psychologist, diagnostic and admissions testing services.