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Provides a transformative educational and social experience for children and adults with learning differences.

Our Mission

The Kingsbury Center provides a transformative educational and social experience for children and adults with learning differences.

Our History

Established by educator Marion Kingsbury in 1938, Kingsbury is the oldest nonprofit educational organization to address the needs of children and adults with learning disabilities and differences in the Washington, D.C. area. Although Kingsbury has come a long way, from a small Washington apartment to a 57,000-square-foot building in the Carter Barron neighborhood on 14th Street, N.W., the Kingsbury vision for teaching students with learning difficulties has remained steadfast.
In September 1938, Marion Kingsbury founded The Remedial Education Center with two colleagues. Mrs. Kingsbury led the first tutor-training course that fall, and the center began tutoring children with reading difficulties. Early on, she recognized that "remedial" students were quite often as intelligent as their classmates, and she worked to educate parents and teachers about learning difficulties. In the late 1940s, Mrs. Kingsbury founded the National Association of Remedial Teachers to unite and educate teachers of students with learning difficulties. The center began offering diagnostic testing for children in the fall of 1946, utilizing the team approach that the center maintains today.
When Marion Kingsbury retired as director in 1964, the Board of Trustees voted to change the name of the organization from The Remedial Education Center to The Kingsbury Center in her honor.

Our Philosophy

Kingsbury is the premier, independent, educational institution for PK-12th grade, focusing on developing an individualized academic program where children progress through a curriculum of concepts and skills at their own pace. We believe that individuals with learning differences can be taught effectively only when instructional methods and curricula are tailored to each student's unique learning needs. 
We utilize a variety of instructional techniques and methods, believing that no one system is ideal for every child. Study and organizational skills are embedded in the curriculum to promote self-reliance and future academic success. Students develop an internal sense of organization and motivation through choice-making, experiencing the results of hard work, and academic inquiry. Kingsbury's focus is on how each child can learn best, rather than on having the group "cover" a specific quantity of material. Consultation between classroom teachers, assistant teachers, and other specialists is continuous, so that each child's program can be modified to meet his or her specific needs.

Our Commitment to Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The Kingsbury Center is committed to providing equal learning opportunities for all individuals without regard to race, sex, pregnancy, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity of expression, marital or veteran status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local laws ("protected status") or an individual's or a youth's association with any person(s) with one or more of the actual or perceived forgoing characteristics, provided that, as a non-public school, Kingsbury Center may define our own mission, as well as admit and keep only those students well-matched for our mission, consistent with applicable law.  

This policy governs all conduct at Kingsbury Center and at all Kingsbury Center functions. If you experience, observe, or become aware of any conduct you believe may be discriminatory at The Kingsbury Center, please contact Marlene Gustafson, associate head of school at 202.722.5555 or email Ms. Gustafson.

The Kingsbury Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).