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Providing a transformative educational and social experience for students with learning differences. 

Board President Letter

Since 1938 The Kingsbury Center has been expanding educational opportunities for children and adults with learning differences. Kingsbury provides a complete package of accessible services and Universal Designs for Learning that embraces the rich differences in all learners, exposing their potential and desires to achieve.

At Kingsbury Center, we employ the latest technological tools to assist students in their learning. Students have access to computers, laptops, iPads, pulse pens, Kurzweil, Kindles, Smart Boards, Learning Ally, Wilson Reading System, smartphones and even a ShopBot! Together with our students, we discover the avenue that opens them to their world of understanding.

This would not be possible without high-caliber, experienced and dedicated instructors. Our teachers are highly educated to recognize and acknowledge multiple learning differences. They are proficient in combining hi-tech and low-tech solutions to encourage individual academic and social success. At Kingsbury we have in-house diagnostic testing, psychological services, tutoring, occupational and physical therapy and speech and language services. Each of these disciplines is led by discerning facilitators and professionals who are committed, along with our entire staff, to finding breakthroughs for each student.

It is my pleasure to invite you to visit our exceptional school. Our staff is ready to meet you, to listen to you and to offer you a supportive environment to navigate your student's educational success.

Yours truly,
Louis E. Bladel, III

President of the Kingsbury Center

Board of Trustees



Kingsbury Center Board of Trustees

Members of the Board

Louis E. Bladel, III - President

Marie Perazella - Vice President

Dane Snowden - Treasurer

Dennis O. Campbell, Ed.D. -        (Ex-Officio)

Marjorie D. Cohen

Terri Hartwell Easter

Darci Granda

Anne Hoover

Susan Hougen

Janice Kershaw

Andrew Quinn

Karen L. Summar, M.D.

Lifetime Trustees

J. Beckwith Burr, Esq.

Margaret R. Lenzner

Nancy Scoutt

William B. Wallace

Glegg L. Watson


Honorary Trustee

Juan Williams