Kingsbury's Early Education Program (KEEP) offers a specialized educational setting for four-five year olds
with mild to moderate development delays and/or ADHD.


This unique program at Kingsbury considers the diverse needs of young learners as it targets all areas of their development. 

In order to get our youngest scholars off to the best possible start, KEEP integrates several key features into the learning environment:

Emergent, Experiential Learning

guides our scholars through their year based on themes pulled from student interests.

Emphasis on Inter- and Intra-Personal Skills

Socially Focused Day:  Young scholars learn how to problem-solve, make friends and acquire language and other skills needed to form successful relationships.

Self Regulation and Self Awareness: KEEP offers access to a wide range of occupational therapy tools and teaches students learning strategies and self-regulation skills they will need for future academic success.

State-of-the-Art Classroom & Technology

enhance our practices and maximize student engagement, development and learning.

We are currently enrolling students for this transformative early education experience.

To schedule a visit, please call our Admissions team, at 202.722.5555 (ext. 2422), or send an email to