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Providing a transformative educational and social experience for students with learning differences. 


The students learn through having hands on experiences, developing creative thinking skills, and discovering problem solving abilities through the Artistic process. The Art Classroom is a safe place for all students to create art and feel comfortable showing his or her artistic abilities. It’s a reflective place for students to gain a sense of success and accomplishment. All students are artists and have the right to explore his or her inner creative style.

The Art classroom provides differentiation through individualized instruction that utilizes accommodations and modifications to help support his or her needs.  The program focuses on student development, building character, encouraging self advocacy, and also function as a therapeutic outlet. Assessments will be used to show student growth as well as student portfolios, both pre-and post tests.

The Art program will support Kingsbury’s mission and will align with Virginia, Maryland, DC, and National Art Standards. Students will have opportunities to display his or her artwork, enter contests, as well as display their artwork on an online webmuseum-Artsonia. The program is designed to support individualized needs and focus on providing the most current leading curriculum in arts education. Through the arts, anything is possible.

Art Teacher