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Providing a transformative educational and social experience for students with learning differences. 

Curriculum Welcome and Overview

Kingsbury Center is a place where the motto “Students First” is adhered to in every aspect of school life. At Kingsbury, we meet students “where they are” through a progressive educational approach rooted in research-based principles and best practices. Kingsbury provides an accelerated special education program that is student-centered and nourishes the whole child, including academic, social and emotional education at every level. The curriculum in each Division (Lower School, Middle School and Upper School) is designed to educate students in the core academic areas, as well as in the Arts, Athletics, Enrichment and Technology. Kingsbury’s culture proactively teaches students how to collaborate. Developmentally appropriate social skills and guidance programs are taught to support each student’s growth.

The Kingsbury Individualized Differentiated Learning Plan serves as the cornerstone for the provision of special education and related services within the School. Every student has either an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). The IEP/ILP Plan is developed annually with the student’s parents, teachers and therapeutic service providers. When a student reaches 9th Grade, they are also involved in the plan development process. In addition to being a monitoring tool to ensure student progress and achievement, the information contained in the IEP/ILP is carried directly into the classroom lesson-planning process, with preparation of a differentiated lesson plan that meets the needs of every student in every subject and in every class.

The continuum of education at Kingsbury is designed to maximize each student’s ability to generalize the academic and compensatory skills needed to support their transition to their next academic challenge. The education at Kingsbury is centered on the cultivation of 21st Century Skills and Best Practices, District of Columbia curriculum and national standards, and incorporates Common Core Standards. Kingsbury’s Upper School is a diploma program for college-bound students. An Innovation Lab, Technology Lab, ShopBot Lab, GT/LD (Gifted & Talented/Learning Disabled) Program, mixed-age classrooms in Lower School, project-based curriculum in the Middle School, and Capstone projects in Upper School are highlights of the transformative program at Kingsbury Center. Kingsbury has a robust College Counseling Program and maintains a 100% college acceptance rate for seniors who apply to college.

Kingsbury is recognized for its exceptional Faculty and Staff. This team of highly trained and certified educational professionals brings compassion, expertise and enthusiasm to each encounter with every child. Kingsbury’s professionals also contribute to their respective fields though active involvement in professional development.