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Providing a transformative educational and social experience for students with learning differences. 

Kingsbury Center Health & Wellness

Hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The role of the School Nurse is to help identy, care for and prevent any health-related barriers to learning. Working together, we can ensure we have healthy students present in school, in their seats and ready to learn!

Identification of Health Care Needs

The following forms help identify your child’s health care needs/abilities and are required ANNUALLY and upon enrollment by the District of Columbia and Kingsbury:
• District of Columbia Universal Health Certificate & Record of Immunizations
• Universal Health Certificate Instructions
• Immunization Flyer
• District of Columbia Oral Health Form

The following forms are to be submitted as needed:

• Asthma Action Plan

• Seizure Action Plan

• Anaphylaxis Action Plan

If there is a need for your child to receive medication (either prescribed or over-the-counter) during the school day, please review and complete the following, as needed:

• Authorization for Release of Health Information
Authorization for Medical Treatment

• Kingsbury Over-the-Counter Medication Permission

Medication Administration Policy

Field Trip Medication Administration Policy

Kingsbury Field Trip Medication Administration Form

Other means of identifying student needs are collaboration and consultation with your child’s educational team and participation in IEP meetings as needed. The nurse also monitors attendance and can be a resource for access to health care in the District.