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Provides a transformative educational and social experience for children and adults with learning differences.
The Lower School program is for students in grades PreK-5th grade. Our program focuses on helping students acquire basic Reading, Writing and Mathematical skills, while building on their natural curiosity in Social Studies and Science. We follow the district and national standards.

Instruction is individualized to address each student’s distinct learning strengths and needs. Classes are multi-age and developed using data to assist in the educational planning of each classroom.  

Together the teachers and specialized service providers team regularly to plan for an educational program for each child’s unique learning style.

Parents learn about their child’s progress through weekly newsletters, bi-weekly progress reports, semester reports and quarterly IEP/ILP updates.   

Parent Testimonial

"In public school, our son fell behind as early as 2nd grade and some of his teachers gave up on him completely. We moved him to Kingsbury in the 4th grade, where his teachers began to bring him back from the brink of learning despair, supported and encouraged by all of the magnificent administrators and specialists at Kingsbury Center."

Parent of a 2013 Kingsbury Graduate