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Providing a transformative educational and social experience for students with learning differences. 
Middle School Welcome

The Middle School years are a time of important physical, emotional and cognitive growth. At Kingsbury, each Middle School student’s intrinsic motivation is cultivated through differentiated instruction and innovative, creative classrooms. Our dedicated teachers employ multiple methods to meet student needs and encourage a deeper understanding about the world. 

The Middle School academic calendar flows through a series of academically focused projects and fairs that provide goals, forums and cultural opportunities for Middle School students to learn, teach, showcase and grow. Students take a comprehensive academic curriculum including Math, Language Arts, History, Science, Art, Music, Technology, Guidance, Physical Education, Fitness and Enrichment Clusters

Afterschool programs, including Athletics, are available to Middle School students. 

The school day is designed to optimally pace the developing Middle School child with regular breaks for food (breakfast, lunch, healthy snack) and physical activity. Students who participate in afterschool athletics and programs receive dinner.

Middle School students and teachers utilize a 1:1 iPad program, incorporating digital literacy, innovation and alternate methodologies into productive classroom experiences.

Kingsbury employs the Second Step Guidance program, for social and emotional education. Students also receive lessons on test-taking tips, career development and other topics that support academic progress.