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Providing a transformative educational and social experience for students with learning differences. 

Kingsbury's Music Program

The music program at Kingsbury is multifaceted and reinforces major musical concepts appropriate for the musical background of the student. Our students find joy in performing, listening to, participating with others and learning through music. 

Participating in music and movement helps students sustain attention to follow directions, improve peer relation skills such as turn-taking, problem-solving and collaboration, and improve motor skills and executive functioning. In addition, student’s speech and communication or conversational skills, social skills, teamwork, motor skills, academic skills and self-esteem are augmented. Finally, making music with instruments and rhythmic movement improves fine and gross motor skills. Lower School students attend music two days each week, and they joyfully perform for parents and guests during the Kingsbury Grandparents’ and Special Friends event and the Annual Arts Salon.

The Music Department at Kingsbury assists Middle and Upper School students to stretch their creativity by composing music that is both inspiring and reflective of one’s own personal experiences. Students learn about and appreciate various composers and genres of music, which connects us locally and with the global community. Middle School and Upper School students also participate in musical performances at Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day and the Annual Art Salon.

Students in the upper grades have the opportunity to participate in The Kingsbury Center Chorus. Choral singing continues to be the most popular form of participation in the performing arts. Members of our Chorus are part of a musical team that has fun, works hard, makes great music and continually aims for excellence! In addition, the KDS Chorus always enjoys public performances at special school events, such as the Annual Trustee Dinner and Graduation.

Music is truly a language understood by all!

Mr. Timothy Rice
Music Teacher