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Amy Powers

Eric and Sharie Sivertsen sponsored this tribute to Mrs. Sivertsen’s mother, Mrs. Amy Powers.

Mr. Sivertsen served as Treasurer on the Kingsbury Board of Trustees in 2002. He is an attorney and CEO/Managing Director of Liberty Towers, LLC. Mrs. Sivertsen, an attorney who previously worked at the FDIC, is a realtor in Washington, DC.
Amy Powers was a life-long school teacher. She began teaching in the late 1940's at the Honeywell Foundation in Bethesda, Maryland. After raising three children, she returned to teaching grades 1 through 3 in the early 1960's for Montgomery County Maryland Schools; first at North Chevy Chase Elementary and then at Coldspring Elementary in Potomac, MD.

She especially loved to teach reading and instilled in her students a love of learning, curiosity and compassion for others. She believed that every child had gifts and talents to share, and that it was a teacher's privilege and obligation to help each child recognize and develop these gifts. Countless former students came back to visit her over the years to tell her how much her love and caring meant to them.
Mrs. Powers earned her Master's Degree Plus 30 (the highest level before a Ph. D.) and was among the group selected to develop the Gifted and Talented Program in Montgomery County. She declined opportunities to be promoted into administrative positions in favor of remaining a teacher. Mrs. Powers retired after spending more than 40 years in the classroom. She continued to substitute teach until her death in 2005.