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Provides a transformative educational and social experience for children and adults with learning differences.

Marion Kingsbury

This plaque was proudly sponsored and dedicated by Mrs. Marion Kingsbury’s great-nephews and great-niece: Michael Caskin, Frank Caskin, Christopher Caskin, Arthur Neilsen, Jr., Christopher Neilsen and Lisa Neilsen Cocciarelli. 

A dedication ceremony was held in The Kingsbury Center on May 1, 2003.

Marion Kingsbury was married to Slocum Kingsbury, a prominent architect in Washington, DC. His sister’s daughters, Patricia Neilsen and Susan Caskin, strongly supported their aunt’s mission to individualize education to meet each student’s needs.

Susan Caskin is a generous Kingsbury advocate.

Michael Caskin served many years on The Kingsbury Center’s Board until 2009. He and his wife continue to generously support Kingsbury and to recruit others to contribute time and resources to further the work of Marion Kingsbury and The Kingsbury Center.