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Provides a transformative educational and social experience for children and adults with learning differences.

Suzanne Zunzer

During the 24 years that Suzanne Zunzer worked at The Kingsbury Center, she took the leadership reins as Executive Director from 1972-1989.

Ms. Zunzer was instrumental in organizing tutor training and implementation in District of Columbia public schools and the University of the District of Columbia while expanding remedial services at Kingsbury for approximately 1,000 children and adults annually. Under her guidance, the Kingsbury Center opened in 1984.

Former Kingsbury Trustee, Mr. Jerry Scoutt, complimented her steadfast leadership and her eye to always giving stability to the organization and maintaining the quality of Kingsbury’s services.

Suzanne Zunzer retired in 1989 – the year of Kingsbury’s 50th Anniversary.