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Provides a transformative educational and social experience for children and adults with learning differences.

Kingsbury Tutoring

Kingsbury Tutoring has an important and straightforward goal: to help children, youth, and adults become the best learners they can be. Our highly trained tutors use the latest research, the best technological tools, and individualized strategies to help clients overcome their learning challenges.

Kingsbury is a regional leader in tutoring, having provided services for more than 75 years. We work with people of all ages, throughout the Greater Washington area. Students who attend Kingsbury Center may receive tutoring services as part of their regular school program.

Kingsbury Tutoring offers many advantages, including:

  • Individualized learning plans that tap client strengths and help them overcome weaknesses

  • Subject-specific tutoring in all major academic subject areas

  • Attention to different leaning styles to develop strategies that work best for each person

  • Flexible strategies that are reassessed and revised as a student makes progress

  • Access to the latest learning software and other technological resources

  • Collaboration with teachers, therapists, and other professionals, with permission of the client

  • Convenient scheduling at places and times that work best for the client

  • Online tutoring options, using Skype and Facetime

Please let us know how we may assist your child, your teen or you! To request a tutor, send an email to Ms. Farley. 

All the Best,

Cheryl Farley
Director of Physical Therapy & Tutoring 
Phone: 202.722.5555