Kingsbury Center Has Dual Accreditation

The Kingsbury Center was granted accreditation from the Board of Trustees and the Accreditation Committee of the Association Independent Maryland and DC Schools (AIMS) in January 2014.  

This accreditation, effective through 2023, recognizes the successful completion of a rigorous independent review and compliance with all AIMS standards

AIMS states that its accreditation “signifies a school's compliance with association standards and its commitment to continuously strengthen educational programs and teaching - all for the benefit of students, who are not only at the heart of each school's mission and community, but also central to AIMS accredidation."

Kingsbury Day School is also accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The MSA-CESS Accreditation affirms that an educational institution is providing the level of quality in its educational programs, services, activities, and/or resources expected by its community of stakeholders and endorsed by the education world.