Kingsbury Tutoring

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Are you are concerned about your child’s academic performance at school? Has completing homework become a daily battle? Is organization of long term projects a challenge? Are you an adult wanting to improve your reading or math skills to take the next step in your career?

At The Wellness and Learning Center, our tutors have an important and straightforward goal: to help children, youth, and adults become the best learners they can be. Learning is a skill that all of us need to do throughout our lifetime. At The Wellness and Learning Center our tutors understand that no two individuals learn the same way. Clients are carefully matched with tutors who are most suited to meet their educational goals and learning strengths. Kingsbury tutors are trained to work with adults and students who need extra help in a particular subject area, or have an area of interest that they want to gain more knowledge in.

Kingsbury tutors formulate a tutoring plan specific to each client. The tutoring plan fits the individual's learning style, defines the skills that the student and tutor will work to develop, sets forth preliminary strategies for tutoring, and identifies the instructional methods and materials to be used. Lessons are designed to build on the client's strengths and interests, so that his or her learning experience is as exciting, meaningful and satisfying as possible.

  •  The Kingsbury Center employs skilled tutors with expertise in every major academic subject area, from Elementary School through High School and beyond.
  • Our tutors are carefully selected for their educational background, specialized skills and dedication. They have mastered the strategies and tools needed to help children and adults achieve their learning goals.
  •  Our tutors will work in the setting that best fits your needs; our tutors work in client’s homes, at our Center, or at locations throughout the DC Metro area

Please let us know how we may assist your child, your teen or you! To request a tutor, send an email to Ms. Farley. 

All the Best,

Cheryl Farley
Director of Physical Therapy & Tutoring 

Phone: 202.722.5555