Tutoring Services

Kingsbury Tutoring Services

Students are carefully matched with tutors.Kingsbury tutors are trained to work with students who need extra help in a particular subject area, as well as students with learning differences. We will match a student with a tutor who will enhance their learning experience.

A tutoring plan is formulated.

Using test results and interviews with parents, teachers, and the student, Kingsbury tutors formulate a tutoring plan specific to each student. The tutoring plan fits the student's learning style, defines the skills that the student and tutor will work to develop, sets forth preliminary strategies for tutoring, and identifies the instructional methods and materials to be used. Lessons are designed to build on the student's strengths and interests, so that his or her learning experience is as exciting, meaningful and satisfying as possible. As the student progresses, the tutoring plan is adapted to accommodate this growth.

Open communication is important.

Tutoring is most effective when there is open communication between the tutor and the student's family and teachers. Our tutors welcome discussion with teachers and parents and value their input. Coordination with the student's teacher allows the tutor to review concepts presented in the classroom and to reinforce skills needed for future achievement.

You choose the location. 

Kingsbury tutors are available throughout the Washington metro area. You and your tutor will choose the location that is best. Tutoring may take place in the tutor's home or at Kingsbury’s main facility on 14th Street in Washington, D.C. The tutor might travel to the student's school, a public library, the student's home or a mutually agreeable location. If tutoring is to take place at the student's school, parents are responsible for making the necessary arrangements with the school.